Reasons to choose microblading treatment

Microblading is an excellent, manual semi permanent makeup procedure. It has rapidly expanded across the whole world. Microblading treatment will make your brows look subtle and natural. Every woman is absolutely insane when it comes to her eyebrows. Microblading not only makes your brows look fuller, it also fixes asymmetry, brings back confidence and saves you time every morning on trying figure out the right shape.

Amazing microblading results retain for around 12-18 months, although lasting depends on your age, skin condition and its tone, sun exposure, life style, body immune system and metabolism, pigments used as well as the technician who you pick for your treatment. It is very crucial to pick the right person who will professionally take you through the microblading process. As makeup will appear on your face for over a year, find out their experience, their work and try to book a consultation first.

The main advantages of having your eyebrows microbladed are:

  • Restoring the shape
  • Complete brow reconstruction in case you lost them due the medical condition
  • Smudge free and waterproof
  • Filling in sparse brows
  • Save your time on penciling them in
  • No maintenance needed
  • Waterproof long lasting results
  • The last trend in beauty industry
  • Quick and effective process
  • Minimal downtime
  • Pain free

Microblading is ideal for almost everyone but I always advise the consultation and patch test before the treatment to exclude all contradictions for microblading. You will be asked not to pluck eyebrows a month before your treatment, so I can mirror as much as possible their real look. You can tint your brows although no later than 2 weeks before your planned appointment. The microblading doesn`t hurt, is relatively quick and safe if you pick the right place. Starting with ideal shape, choosing right ink shade for you and finally microblading your brows may take up to 2 hours. Right after the procedure, you can come back to your normal daily activities, excluding: swimming, sun bathing, sun beds, steam rooms for next 10-14 days, gym also is not advisable to attend for at least 3 days from appointment.

There might be slight redness around your new dreamed eyebrows which should come down the same day. Also we can expect the colour to be a little bit more intense but not too worry it will come down within a week or two.

The whole healing process takes around 4-8 weeks and then you are invited for the touch up to make your eyebrows to perfection.

As eyebrows frame your eyes and can affect overall face look, book your appointment or consultation with our professional and experienced team at the Permanent Beauty Clinic.

Clean, safe and friendly environment will make you feeling special form the moment you approach the clinic.