Permanent Makeup Trainings in London

The semi permanent makeup is evolving and expanding the world more dynamically than ever before. Huge interest in treatments and trainings made this industry one of the most profitable professions.

If you are here, it means you are very ambitious, you would love to develop your skills or you just want to start a new carrier. Anyway you are at the right place. All trainings are designed to fit each individual, as everyone is on a different stage of their carrier.

You will get comprehensive theoretical preparation. The huge theory will be emailed to you before the training; you will have some time to prepare yourself and on the first day starts checking your knowledge by filling test in. So we can focus on practice.


  • Indications and contraindications for the procedure
  • Skin structure and its physiology
  • Health and safety at work
  • Impact of individual skin layers on the healing process
  • Colorimetric
  • Selection of pigments relative to skin subtones – you will learn why it is so important
  • Permanent makeup durability – what factors influence it?
  • Pigments: hydrophilic and hydrophobic, organic vs inorganic,
  • Composition of pigments
  • Anesthesia – the dangers and consequences that they bring, why not using it is so beneficial
  • Types of needles and cartridges in permanent makeup and what effects we can expect using the appropriate configurations
  • Perfect initial drawing of lips, eyebrows and eyes
  • Eyebrow makeup techniques,
  • Lip makeup techniques,
  • Eyeliner makeup techniques

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Masterclass Training

Here we are with the semi permanent makeup master classes. Small training classes to ensure you`ve got the maximum out from.

Do you feel like your work still needs to improve? Or is it one topic which you need to focus on?

Do you start all from the beginning on the touch up as no pigment has left? Frustrating? Let me show you the beautiful side of the semi permanent makeup and how pleasant it can be.

  • Having any doubts in your skills? No worries, we all are only humans and we all have been there.
  • Let me show you how to take the best out of our profession.
  • Would you like to find out creating the most desired by clients semi permanent makeup for eyebrows? They are the most desired by clients at the moment.

/ Long days training / Ombre Brows / Powder Brows /  Eyebrows Geometry / 5 – 10 minutes Eyebrows shape /Ombre Lips /  Powdery Lips / Contourless lips / Eyelash Enhancement / Shaded Eyeliner / Soft Edges Eyeliner / Classic Eyeliner /

It will be the most profitable day this year. I will show you impossible is possible.

Benefits of training with Permanent Beauty Clinic:

  • Pre–study
  • On-line support within 6 months from your training
  • Practice on latex skin
  • Presentation on real model
  • Practice on life models – your own work with my support
  • 100% focus on you while working on model
  • Vital skills and really valuable knowledge how to create soft and natural makeup
  • Medical side of the SPMU
  • Complications of the SPMU
  • Client psychology
  • Photography of your work
  • There are no questions left unanswered

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