Professional Microblading Treatments


The most popular eyebrows semi-permanent treatment thanks to its natural and elegant look. Microblading begins when the pigment touches the first layers of your skin creating fulness and perfect shape for your eyebrows. Before the procedure your eyebrows are carefully measured and designed to fit your face features. You will be asked by the artist not to thread, pluck or tint your eyebrows at least 2 weeks prior to the scheduled appointment.

Microblading is an expanding semi-permanent makeup technique, which involves manual introduction of pigment into the most top layer of epidermis with a sterile tool ended with a very fine microblade. The treatment is entirely safe if it is performed by a fully trained and certified permanent makeup artist.

The benefits of microblading treatment:

  • well selected color and shape results in age defying effect
  • spears eyebrows look fuller
  • saves your precious time and money on eyebrows products
  • waterproof and smudge free makeup ideal for active people
  • regardless of the occasion eyebrows always look natural and neat
  • complete shape reconstruction for people suffering from loss of hair or after chemotherapy
  • lasts 12-18 months, depending on your skin type and life style.

If you want to have ideal, symmetrical and long-lasting eyebrows, with only once a year maintenance, then microblading is a perfect solution for you. Tiny hair strokes give an appearance of entirely natural look.