Eyes enhancing is excellent for clients who are allergic to traditional makeup, for those who wears the contact lances and alopecia sufferers, people who are enjoying active life style, like swimming, going to the gym, the permanent eyeliners come with solution with smudge proof and water proof procedures. Imagine your perfect holiday with permanently and beautifully outlined eyes with no effort. Permanent Lash Enhancer or Eyeliner is created from only the finest and hypoallergenic medical grade pigments and perfect for sensitive eyes.

Lash Enhancer

The most subtle technique of Permanent Makeup for eyes is a Lash Enhancer”, this involves colouring in between the lashes on the top lid, by making several microscopic pigments dots. It creates a really thick lash look, without being obvious. It is you who decide how thick line will be and you may like to have coloured both top and bottom. No-one will be able to tell something has been done, but your eyes will be more defined, they will look younger and brighter. I specialise in using the correct colour and tone to enhance your eyes beautifully. (This procedure is perfect for men too, especially if they are fair haired or have light coloured lashes). It is also perfect for clients who are struggling with small eyes or having fair lashes, the treatment not only make eyes look bigger but emphasise your eye colour or creates the illusion of a thick lash hair.


This is the technique for those who are looking for more of a permanent makeup look. It is achieved by adding thicker line on top of the enhanced eyelashes. Colour is applied along both the top and bottom lash lines, creating a marked out around the eyes. The treatment is perfect for people who are tired of drawing every day their line around the eyes, for those who suffer from allergies to traditional makeup or are just looking to get permanently enhanced eyes. This method enhances the beauty of the eyes and makes the lashes appear thicker, even when mascara is not worn.

For Permanent Eyeliner I may use three tones of the same colour, creating “dark to light” graduation of colour. This look is gentler that popular eyeliner.

Decorative Eyeliner

It is extended semi permanent eyeliner and is more conventional, ideal for clients who want to achieve the glamorous look every day without applying makeup. This procedure will be deeply discussed and pencilled before we start the micropigmentation process to ensure you are completely happy with the style and shape of your eyeliner.  Whilst black is the most popular pigment used around your eyes, you may try other extravagant selection of shades to choose from, enhancing your eyes colour including browns, blues and even pearl highlighter.  Extended eyeliner is an advanced technique and the end result may be achieved by 3 instead of normal 2 appointments, of course if needed. This permanent eyeliner will last for  3 to 5 years depend on different factors affecting the treated area.