Permanent Eyebrow Treatments


Eyebrows are one of the most important features of the face. Bespoke brows, carefully designed by the Permanent Beauty Clinic, will expertly frame, shape, and enhance the natural beauty of your eyes, to give a striking, lifting, youthful appearance.

Age-defying bespoke brows

Clients frequently contact the Permanent Beauty Clinic, concerned that their weak, fair or sparse brows add on the years. Semi-permanent eyebrow treatments are the perfect solution. Individually constructed eyebrow shapes and pigment shades are age-defying, with clients frequently reporting that the results give a ‘face-lift effect’.

Permanent Beauty Clinic eyebrows always look classy and understated, saving you time on daily makeup applications, while reawakening your inner confidence and enhancing your natural beauty

Eyebrow procedures by Permanent Beauty Clinic:

Hair Stroke

Also known as the hair simulation technique – is the most appropriate method for creating lighter natural brow effect. The method gives equisite results through the micropigmentation of multiple minute hairs using a micro tattoo needle, implanting pigment under the skin.

Hair stroke is predominantly ideal for clients with good, natural brow hair, who are looking for a healthy boost to their eyebrows. Those with asymmetric eyebrows, or clients looking to fill gaps in their brows, may also find the method advantageous. It also works brilliantly to resolve patchy hair growth, for sufferers of alopecia and post-chemotherapy patients.


Is a commonly used, and relatively new, semi-permanent eyebrow makeup method. It is manual process of embedding pigment into the most top layer of epidermis with a very fine micro-blade. Microblading allows semi-permanent brows to blend in with your natural brows; its thinnest hair stroke gives the appearance of crisp and very fine final effect. The popularity of microblading has dramatically increased in recent years, with clients showing appreciation for the delicate and natural result that can be achieved with this distinctive technique.

This method is suited to clients looking to gently enhance their natural features. Yet, it is also ideal for those who are unhappy with their brow shape or those who suffer from loss of hair/patchy areas due to medical conditions. The appropriate selection of pigments in this method will ensure a perfect blend with your hair and skin tone.

Ombre Brows

Is one of the most recent semi-permanent makeup developments, which has been received to wide acclaim across the beauty industry, amongst professionals and clients alike. The method involves the subtle dispersing of pigment into the upper layers of brows’ dermis, gently enhancing the shade of your natural brows.

Overall, this technique is characterised by rather elegant and delicate final outcome. Ombre brows are recommended for clients who prefer only slight shading as opposed to the more pronounced final effect that other methods achieve.

Hybrid Eyebrows

This technique involves the combination of microblading with subtle shading in between earlier embedded hair strokes. This will give you a fuller look of the hair strokes although still looking very natural.

The Permanent Beauty Clinic often advises Hybrid brows for clients who wish to correct a significant or complete loss of hairs in the eyebrow area.

Powder effect

The powder-fill method involves embedding of thousands of tiny little dots of pigments into the skin, facilitating a gradual saturation of shape and colour. This technique mimics the appearance of classic brow makeup, for example, from brow-pencil or shadow.

Powder effect brows are recommended for clients who are looking for fuller and more emphasised eyebrows. This eyebrow tattoo technique is particularly popular with young and senior clients, who prefer naturally coloured and classically elegant, yet softly defined brows, without the effect of individual hair strokes.

We are offering a discount to our clients for the touch up treatment:

Touch up after 6 months – 50% discount from full price
Touch up after 1 year – 30% discount from full price

Semi-permanent eyebrows: the procedure process

1. Before your appointment

A comprehensive consultation is scheduled before all eyebrow treatments. During this consultation we will discuss your overall health and complete a patch test.

This is also a great opportunity to discuss your expectations surrounding the preferred shape and shade of your brows.

2. On the day of your appointment

Your bespoke eyebrows will be designed to perfectly complement your facial features.

You are fully involved in the design process and the procedure will not commence until you are 100 per cent happy with the shape and pigment colour of your new brows.

A topical anaesthetic cream is then applied to the eyebrow area and left to work for 20 to 30 minutes. This is an essential part of the treatment, which ensures that you are comfortable and pain-free throughout the procedure.

Finally, we will introduce the pre-selected hypoallergic pigment into the upper layers of the dermis, filling the designed brow frame with the selected semi-permanent makeup technique.

3. Following your appointment

Immediately after the first treatment, your eyebrows will appear darker than your chosen pigment shade; however, expect significant fading is over the following two weeks.

The pigment of any initial application may fade by up 30 to 50 per cent. As such, a re-touch treatment is required within four to six weeks, when the healing process is finished.

During the re-touch appointment, your newly designed eyebrows are re-saturated with more pigment where necessary. It is also possible to make some minor adjustments to the shape at this stage, to ensure that we achieve your dream brows.

4. Long-term maintenance

The effects of semi-permanent brow treatments usually last from 6 to 18 months. Permanent Beauty Clinic recommends that clients revisit at least once a year, sometimes every six months, depending on factors such as age, skin condition, lifestyle preferences and UV exposure.

An annual re-touch will refresh the colour and shape. Discounts are available across all long-term re-touch appointments.

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