Unluckily not everyone is delighted with their permanent make up procedure and end up needing to have it corrected. If you think your make up needs to be recovered, you may contact Permanent Beauty Clinic for consultation and I may assist you in selecting the most suitable method of correction brows, lips or eyes. I am experienced in fixing unsuccessful permanent make ups, but unfortunately it`s not always possible to adjust it and laser removal may be your only option, it happens when the brows were not positioned correctly or if the colour is to dense.lucy

Correcting badly applied permanent make up is a complex procedure which usually requires a series of visits. Depending upon the issue prices will vary, although all consultations are free of charge.

The Permanent Make Up can be truly amazing if it is done correctly, it may change your every day for easier, save your money and time on applying make up every day, it will let you feel beautiful every minute of your life as it is all about this. Unfortunately there are a lot of untrained people offering substandard work at very low prices damaging our industry`s reputation and also causes frustration and expense to correct the make up to the client.

If you have had your Permanent Make Up done elsewhere and it does not reflect your expectations, do not hesitate to contact me for advice and possibility of corrective treatment.